Is it possible to generate the Project-Generated-BP folder from command line?

According to this :sk: Perforce Workflow guide here the Project-Generated-BP folder should be checked in to P4. However we’re finding this annoying when some of our more technically minded artists modify BPs and forget to submit the .sk files that were generated/modified.

The only reason we’ve found in our workflow for this folder to be checked in, instead of being generated locally on everyone’s machine, is that our build machine won’t produce a correct build otherwise, because it never opens the editor normally while doing so.

So, is there some way for :sk: to generate that folder via the command line, so we could do away with checking in that folder altogether? Or is there some other reason that this folder needs to be checked in that we’re not seeing?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Hmm. :thinking:

Ideally the SkookumScript plugin or SkookumIDE would handle all of that for you. We’ll see if we can come up with a recommendation for the current state of things and a better evolved mechanism for the future and get back to you.

Hey Daniel, one thing you might check is to make sure that everyone has the :sk: IDE configured for perforce. This will at least put the auto-generated files in their pending changelist and hopefully they can remember to check them in. It’s a bit of a chicken/egg problem right now because the contents of Project-Generated-BP are generated when a BP is compiled in the editor.

I’ve had to police this folder on a few projects to keep builds (and other team members) from failing, it’s not ideal. I agree that having an offline tool would be amazing. I’ll be thinking about how we might do this.