Is there a roadmap?

Hi, Mad Scientists!

I hope you guys are making a good progress. I was side tracked for a while for doing some other things and I was wondering what’s currenly cooking. ^^

I guess it would nice to know what is to come so what we don’t blindly wait.
I’m sure there are a lot on the table and you guys will have some priorities.
Just to make sure to sync it with users, it would be nice to share some roadmap if you have.

I think the first priority (other than bugs) are the usabilities so that it help make it easier to start adopting SK. From my side, the better “intellisense” support, especially function parameters tooltips. I’m new to UE4 and without “intellisense”, it would be really hard to start coding. I suggested to make VS plugin if you want to have full VS support save quite a bit of time working on SK IDE. I’m not sure how difficult it is to add a new language plugin but I’m sure there are lots of examples.

One other important feature is to replace BP. I think there is one issue with SK not able to receive default UE4 events without BP workaround. I would like to bypass BP if I can and that’s one of the main reason I wanted SK in the first place.



Welcome back!

Hmm, I’m sure we could figure out some sort of mechanism for a public roadmap. We’ve used Trello in the past.

Internally we use JIRA.

Right, in general, fixing bugs are always first priority since they can have knock on effects and make new code problematic.

More comprehensive and intelligent auto-complete and hints are definitely a high priority. As is anything that helps with initial :sk: learning curve.

Based on the research that we’ve done, integrating to the level we would need would be more work than making a custom IDE designed for the context rich and realtime development environment including concurrent debugging that we have or have as a goal for SkookumScript. Of course that means that the SkookumIDE code editor is initially pretty basic and we have to reinvent the wheel to a certain extent. Eventually the SkookumIDE will be much more powerful and really take advantage of being a game development language - such as being intimately aware of what is going on in the UE4 editor. Also most people use the pre-built UE4 and don’t otherwise need or want VS.

Definitely agree that 100% BP coverage is a good goal - in particular default UE4 events. This is a fairly high priority.

Hi, I know you guys are doing your best to bring it up as fast as you can but it would be nice to know what to expect in the near future.

Is it possible to know when the function parameter tooltips is coming? It’s really hard to work with SK without it. You already have function name search working and I thought it wouldn’t be too difficult to support it.

I was asking VS plugin more as an optional feature for those who has access to VS. It won’t conflict with SK IDE and I would use SK IDE along side with VS until SK IDE becomes complete. I would edit the code in VS plugin and do the rest in SK IDE such as REPL, debug, and etc. Thanks so much and let’s hope that SK becomes the defacto standard for UE4 developers.



We might use a system such as that used by the Discourse team and use this forum to manage a roadmap.

I would prefer to document the TCP protocol so it’s possible to build plugins for vscode or atom.
A language server protocol could be implemented for autocompletion/linter and it would be independent of any editor/ide.
This would also make the SK available on other platforms like macOS and Linux.

I was curious if the Skookum team could add a road map, or some sort of news section to the website. I would just like to know what your plans are, now and in the future.

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I agree with this! A road map would be great!

As mentioned, we will probably go with something similar to the Discourse team.

Hopefully we will get it set up for the next update.

BTW - function parameter tooltips are planned for the next update. They are mostly working though there are many tiny little details that need to be ironed out before it is ready to roll out.

This is really awesome!! I would love to try it. Thank you very much.
I know writing a good editor takes really long time and I hope it’s not taking too much energy from you guys. I still think a plugin to VS would have been the better choice. It takes more time initially but you get lots of free benefits. I really hate you guys working on editors instead of the core functionalities.

I guess the next thing I would like, as far as the editor is concerned, is to make customizable hot-keys. Expose as much as functionalities and make them bindable. I think switching gears are bad, especially working with two different editors. This is my view against switching gears, you know what I mean. ^^

I really wish SK to be a success and I think making VS plugin and more conventional syntax would make SK much more popular. I hope to see that in the roadmap, perhaps for SK2?? ^^


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