Kickstarter for Tutorials Has Started

Hello Everyone!

The Kickstarter has officially started!

Travis and I have been working on creating tutorials for Skookumscript. We will be using Udemy for these tutorials. I think this will, hopefully, make Skookumscript more popular. We have released a cinematic trailer on youtube, we also have a website for more information. Please help us out, for our benefit and for the benefit of the Skookumscript team!





Hey guys,

We have also posted to the Unreal forums, people have not been so kind there =). If you would not mind posting there as well we would appreciate that. I am not asking anyone to lie for us and say we are the greatest thing since sliced bread, I am merely asking for bumps.

Here is the Unreal post:

Here is the other youtube channel we posted on, Travis’s brother… all in all we have about 3500ish views through various means.

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Kickstarter is greenlit :grinning:

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Just stumbled on that :ue4: forum post, looks like I missed all the fireworks :fireworks:. I don’t really understand the mindset of the learning-averse-programmer, it’s very foreign to me.

“Hey, here’s an awesome new tool that will make you love life.”
“I learned :hammer:, why is this not like :hammer:? Everything should use :hammer:. I’m too lazy to learn about this because I’m comfortable being a caveman and using :hammer:

No offense to lovers of hammers. Good luck you guys, I just backed you!


Well, the fireworks show was at 3:00 am and it was wet… We have had only 97 views so far. I am working on upping that as I type this. Travis’s brother has a 40k subscribed youtube channel that we are going to be posting on very soon, we will see how it goes.

Thanks a lot for backing!

You might want to hit unreal slackers discord channel as well, I know there’s also a second discord channel with large UE4 community but more generic game dev.

Sorry to see that this Kickstarter didn’t make its goal. :frowning_face:

Some notes:

  • could have used more social media and community engagement. There was only one update post and not much on Twitter or Facebook that I could see. It would be great to have a big following excited for the Kickstarter before it even goes live.
  • the target amount was ambitious :moneybag:
  • :sk: is still new so it might have been better to push it more as a UE4 training course that just happens to use an awesome scripting language to do it. Once there are more big name projects released that will help (some are in the works, though not out yet).

Not too much help now, though here are some good Kickstarter tips from Stonemaier Games.

I hope you are not discouraged. The examples looked great!

@JacobGood1 - keep us all appraised of your plans and if you decide to still do courses on the cheap or other projects.

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I am not discouraged, still, thanks for the encouraging post :grinning:

Hopefully, I at least drove some new traffic to SkookumScript.

I did not have a good social presence going into the kickstarter, so it was my fault for not being better prepared.

SkookumScript is a better technology, but I have been programming long enough to know that superior tech is often not popular, especially when it is promoted by someone unknown like me.

We might try to go forward with the tutorials, I do not really know. Such things take a lot of time to do right, time that I was hoping would be compensated in advance.

I will still be programming in SkookumScript, I would like for SkookumScript to become the official language of Unreal. I would also like to see Skookum get ported to other engines, such as Lumberyard and Godot. I think that having Skookum in more engines would also increase its visibility


We plan to get SkookumScript in other engines too though the plan is to be firmly established with Unreal Engine :ue4: first. If we increase our team and get enough additional bandwidth then we’ll look into more engine integrations. :madsci:

Glad you are still motivated!

Thanks for saying so. :madsci: