Lambda and the Shards of Light

Somewhere in-between “why did we do this” and “I can’t believe we got it done!”, here is our entry for the Epic Mega Jam 2017.

I’ll probably follow-up on this post once I’ve unwound and maybe just share some of the cooler uses of :sk: in the project. Here’s our submission on the :ue4: forum. Info copied below:

Name: Lambda and the Shards of Light
Team Name: Hypercane
2 members

Disclosures: Ambient background music is Derelict Automation by TeknoAXE

Guide the probe bot Lambda and solve the puzzles of a mysterious cave.

There’s just no way this would have come together in this amount of time without :sk: :hugs: And I finally got to do what I’ve been wanting to do for a long time with :sk: and that’s make a bunch of strange puzzles… and also make a bunch of odd sounds in Ableton :musical_note:


It looks great!

Good luck in the competition!

Super awesome that you made the project available. I’m excited to take a look.

Good job error!