Minor update (P4 + GitHub only): Unreal Tournament support, tweaks and stability improvements

Here is a small update with the fixes you have been asking for, available via GitHub and P4 (for full source licensees)!

What’s new?

In a nutshell

  • IDE now highlights project classes vs engine classes in a different style, so you can tell which classes you are actually working on (project) vs which classes are generated from the engine
  • Unreal Tournament support (see here how to install :sk: into UT)
  • Lots of bug fixes!

Detailed release notes


  • project classes in the Class widget now highlighted in blue/bold
  • ensured that group [{<>}] font styles scale with other text (JIRA IDE-163)
  • inhibit content refresh during shutdown sequence to prevent crash
  • updated disconnect icons

Skookum UE4 Plugin

  • fixed extraneous calls to ReconstructNode unnecessarily caused by newly bound reflected UE4 functions
  • fixed bug in SkookumScriptGenerator that would produce faulty C++ bindings for UINTERFACEs
  • fixed improper handling of numbered FNames in bind name processing
  • fixed inaccurate match for reflected event functions, leading to a crash
  • fixed a number of issues with UE4 class names differing only in case
  • fixed issue where Blueprint functions with unsupported parameter types were exported
  • moved overeager assertion
  • beautified some code using TObjectIterator
  • added missing processing of UUserDefinedStructs in FSkookumScriptEditor::StartupModule()

Get the new plugin from our GitHub repository!

As usual, don’t hesitate to ask us for help if you encounter any issues.


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