New Method Sometimes Loses Unsaved Changes

I’ve seen this a handful of times now but don’t yet have a solid repro case.

Here are the steps that typically lead to seeing it:

  1. Make some changes to a file in the IDE but don’t save
  2. Made a new method in the IDE
  3. IDE will open the new method
  4. Go back to the previous file and note that unsaved changes are lost

It’s frustrating that I can’t reproduce this though. I’ll run through the exact same sequence and it won’t happen again. Then I’ll be doing a screenshare session with someone and I’ll see it happen to them. So the bug has some subtleties that feel non-deterministic.

Sounds unfun. :frowning_face:

We’ll see if we can get it to happen here.

Definitely let us know if you can repro it.

I was briefly able to reproduce this but since then just cannot make it happen any more. Has it happened for you again Zach?

I haven’t seen it for awhile, but I have also been being quite vigilant with crtl-s. I want to say that it seemed more likely to happen in the temporary windows (what are these called? when you single-click a method vs double-click, I think of the single-click as a temporary window) but it could be my imagination.

I’ve seen this a few times now. The basic steps error454 outlined about sum up the process. UE4.18.