New Release 4.24.03

I have just pushed a new release. You can grab a precompiled binary from the github releases page and a marketplace update will hopefully get pushed through by next week.

Note that there has been a few fixes to SkookumIDE, so if you are a source user please grab the new IDE files from the binary above.

Release Notes


Now at version 3.1.0, contains following fixes:

  • Error message is now displayed in SkookumIDE when various duplicate data members are detected in a blueprint. Previously, custom event nodes could conflict with function or variable names and silently cause problems.
  • Project path is correctly set in the IDE when connected to from a remote runtime
  • About screen information and links updated


  • SkookumScript no longer generates data of subclasses for parents specified by +SkipClasses in the config file
  • Fix #35 - Fix generated include error that prevented compiling C++ projects using a public/private path folder
  • Fix #38 - allow reflecting methods with FName parameters
  • Fix #33 - overlays get lost when connecting remote runtime
  • Allow SkookumScript to generate type information for classes, structs & enums that are outside of the project
  • Add a spec test for type generation
  • Updated .sk unsupported comment to indicate possible reasons why a raw member is not available. The first time you load your project with this update, all classes in Project-Generated-BP that have unsupported data members will be refreshed due to this new comment format.
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