New Teaser Video!

We’ve just completed a first pass for a video for the SkookumScript plugin for the online Unreal Marketplace.

The sound levels are a bit too loud for the robots and we will probably polish it up a bit more - though we hope that it gets the idea across.

Please, give us some feedback and tell us what you think! :smiley:

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great video guys and once it will be in the marketplace get ready for some serious growth :slight_smile:

Beside the obvious sound problem, I think you nailed it. My only feedback would be that you do not explain why skookum is a great langage. maybe some mentions of the unique language features would be a good idea.



We will definitely evolve it.

It occurred to me that I didn’t talk about the language itself. :smirk: I was thinking that it was a hard thing to dive into for a teaser video - though you are right - we should say something. I am biased - but the language is pretty awesome and it is obviously the key component. Thanks for the suggestion.

SkookumScript - the language - first began development in 2004 and it was based on lessons learned in a few ancestor languages that were created over the previous decade and we will continue to evolve it for decades to come.

May I suggest to make the video shorter, say under 3 minutes? Since it’s a teaser video targeting viewer who might only be aware of SkookumScript for the very first time, it would be better to focus on the coolest part (I know it’s hard to choose since there are many) and save any tutorial style content for other more in-depth videos. Personally I find 4+ minutes is a little too long for an intro/teaser video.

BTW, nice voice, is that from you, Noolarch?

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Thanks. :smile:

Any suggestions of what to keep, remove or even add that is missing? I’ve cut out more than twenty minutes from the raw footage and sped a bunch of it up by 2X - and I’d be happy to cut more. Some of the cut material we may recycle into proper tutorials.

Here are some suggestions that we have received so far:

  • add an initial summary
  • add a quick section on the benefits of the language itself

Yes that is me. :blush: We’ve received both compliments for my voice and suggestions that we hire a professional voice actor instead. Regardless, I’m sure it can be better - a little more evenly paced and less mumble in parts.

One of the side benefits about all this work doing a screencast is we now have some experience that we can use towards making some video tutorials for SkookumScript. We’ll be adding more written documentation too - though screencasts may be faster to create and possibly even more informative.


With a voice like that, you definitely should do a podcast! Actually, not really kidding … Skookum Radio ? :wink:

More pressing, you guys need a better tutorial/doc by the time it hit the store or you are gonna to be submerged by the same questions over and over. That could slow down the whole team. First impression/support is key. If you do not have much time, I would focus on the commands like race, sync, but_any … (like for the video)

I would managed that, like shipping a final product. Sure you have to tell them that it’s still early and stuff are missing but you have to make sure that you teased them enough to make them start to follow the project at least. A lot would be played in few days.

but no worry, that’s gonna to be skookum!


Updated the video starting at the 56 second point to include examples of SkookumScript and the Unreal Engine running on an iPad to show off its iOS support.

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