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Hello there!

I have been wandering around SkookumScript and I find it amazingly powerful and versatile! Although as someone that comes from doing some work in Unity, I still find it difficult.

I kinda understand some bits, but I guess it is missing some tutorials with videos and some other resources to learn about it. I would like to know if you are guys are going to invest some time in tutorials with videos, improve the documentation and more in-game examples.

Kind regards,

An Indie Developer

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Greetings @Cruise4u - thanks for checking out SkookumScript!

In the very near future, we will be releasing an example game made by @error454 that will showcase many aspects of SkookumScript.

We have more documentation, tutorials and examples on the way. We made two passes of videos though they became obsolete over time. :madsci:

Have you had a chance to work through the SkookumScript Primer in the online docs? Its content will continue to grow, though it has quite a bit covered already.

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Hello again! I actually haven’t paid much attention to that, but now that I have seen it, it does look interesting and it is explaining many aspects that I had doubts before. Thank you for that. Also great work in building a community as your reply was instantly and i look forward to see those tutorials :slight_smile:

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