Now for 4.27

I pee’d a little when I read this in an email this morning and I’m over the moon. Given that Epic hopes to release Verse in 2022. Would the jump for :sk: : from 4.27 to 5 be a big one?

From my initial work, it doesn’t seem like a big jump or much effort. Most of my time has been spent learning how they’ve changed defines for console platforms in UE5 so that we can follow the new standard.

That’s would be awesome!, anyway I tryed and retryed to compile sk for ue4.26 or ue4.27 with no luck, if you write a small guide of what to change to make it compiled, would be awesome. ( I know about the engine patch but I have hard time to even make the plugin compiled for those releases).

Thanks for your time to maintaing sk alive!

Ditto for me - no luck at all. That said, my knowledge of C++ rivals that of a potted plant.

The fact that Verse will “hopefully” “sometime” release in 2022, I’m not overly optimistic. Do you think that creating a UE 5 version of the plugin is “hopefully” “sometime” in your near-term future? “hopefully” “maybe”?

I think that probably Verse will be released for just ue5, said that make sense using SK for UE4.x cycle, lots of companies still use it !

Yes, I believe that Verse will be UE5 only. Given that it might not even come out this year, I was hoping that we would have a SK version of the plugin for UE5 – just to tide us over until Verse comes along. Also, when Verse comes out, and when it’s ready for production code, could be a while. Just my $0.02

I added a binary release for 4.27 that works on the stock 4.27 binary engine:

Most of the changes were the typical config file issues where :sk: generator grabs :ue4: modules that have IWYU issues.

As far as 5.0, I am working on it as time allows.


Woow thats wonderfull!

many thanks!

Incredible! Thank you!