Order in names and 'set' 'get' prefix

What happening :
functions names from c++ and bp not the same in sk
same names
representations in sk:

// Any Data To
// UE4 name of this method: any_data_to



// Set Any Data To
// UE4 name of this method: set_any_data_to



// Get Any Entity
// UE4 name of this method: get_any_entity



For my opinion it is very inconvenient behavior so I got problems with use ‘search’ functions by name and search by my eyes) and understanding purpose of functions without ‘get’ ‘set’ prefixes and random orders.
Is it proper behavior or bug and why it happening and what the purpose of it?

The behavior of Get/Set functions is that Get is replaced with just the method name:
GetName() -> name()
GetActorLocation() -> actor_location()
GetSafeNormal() -> safe_normal()

And Set functions add _set as a postfix:
SetActorLocation() -> actor_location_set
SetActorRotation() -> actor_rotation_set

This is the proper behavior. :sk: uses a Noun-Verb format instead of a Verb-Noun format.

Thanks for answer).
Should I use prefix all the time?
For example in bp I made an two functions:

  1. get_anyEntity
  2. anyEntity
    get both function in sk
    What happened with our behavior in sk:
    Will see only “anyEntity” but in fact it will call “get_anyEntity”
    It is confused me

In BP and C++ I would use GetAnyEntity and SetAnyEntity.