Package an Android ARM64 build?

I’m pretty sure ARM64 and ARMv7 libraries and source files are there, but just tick "Support arm64 " under Project Settings - Android - Build will give me this:

UATHelper: Packaging (Android (ASTC)): clang++.exe: error: no such file or directory: ‘C:/UE_Engine/UE_4.19/Engine/Plugins/Marketplace/SkookumScript/Binaries/Android/UE4-SkookumScriptRuntime-arm64-es2.a’
PackagingResults: Error: no such file or directory: ‘C:/UE_Engine/UE_4.19/Engine/Plugins/Marketplace/SkookumScript/Binaries/Android/UE4-SkookumScriptRuntime-arm64-es2.a’

Do I have to change something and rebuild the plugin, how?

I think if you look in C:/UE_Engine/UE_4.19/Engine/Plugins/Marketplace/SkookumScript/Binaries/Android you’ll find that only the armv7 libs exist there.

If you want to build for arm64 you should grab the :sk: plugin source off github and use it instead of the binary plugin so that it can build the platform libs you need.

Thanks I made it.
Another question, with those custom builds, can I still use the same Pro License to activate Pro Debuging features, Or should I stick with the marketplace build?

Yep, you should be good to go.