Perforce Workflow Writeup

I wrote up a short article on managing :sk: + :ue4: + P4. It’s one of many possible solutions and was meant as a quick tutorial to throw out to the other folks that I work with.

If anyone else uses a different setup or wants to chat about this I’d love to talk.



This’ll be handy because I’m sure I’ll forget which files I need to add to the repo again at some point.

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Just a note that this has been updated to reflect the Project-Generated-BP workflow enhancements in the latest version of :sk:!


the SkookumScript IDE automatically checks out/adds these auto-generated files to your default changelist

Actually, it is the plugin that checks out/adds the auto-generated files to the default changelist, using the source control settings of UE4Editor. The IDE manages source control of files that are manually edited. So both settings must match for things to work properly.

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Great! I updated things to reflect that. This is actually perfect because I suspect that team members that aren’t directly writing :sk: probably won’t bother to configure the IDE for source control, but this means that everyone still gets the auto-generated stuff managed by default. :ok_hand:

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Saved my butt just like I thought it would. Started a new project and this reference made the repo setup really simple.