Place bets on Unreal Fest

Who wants to place bets that verse will be unveiled during/before the festivities? (random post while waiting for verse…)

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Would be neat to see!

Unreal Fest 2022? That occurs on October 17th-19th?

I think we are likely to see next Verse news with the Fortnite Creative 2.0 Unreal Editor release that is more likely to happen in September with how it aligns with Fortnite seasons and past creative related things. The current fortnite season ends September 17th and new season will start September 18th. So I imagine we will hear news between Sept 17th and Oct 17th. Super worst case scenario is December 6th which would be the 4th year anniversary of Creative 1.0


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This is a very interesting post, thank you for the information. So it looks like verse is going to debut as an ultimate modding solution for Fortnite. I would hope that that also means that it will be debuting for UE at the same time…

I sure hope it does too. I don’t personally care about Fortnite modding.

I know it’s not going to be “everything I want it to be” right out the gate but I hope we can at least start playing around with it.

I did find this snippet on a fortnite.fandom wiki site as to what it might look like

I think the wait() and race: are probably 2 of the most interesting things.

I really don’t care for the python style white spacing. I hope/wish they’d support optional { } that they are just excluding in their examples.

# This is a boxfight prototype game.
BoxFight = class(FortGameScriptBase):

	GameStarted^   : bool = false
	GameEnded^     : bool = false
	CurrentRound^  : int = 0
		# Pause until all players in the matchmaking session
		# have connected to the server.
		# Start the game.
		GameStarted := true
		for(i = 1..NumberOfRounds):
			#Perform round setup.
			CurrentRound := i
			# We hit an error and are unable to start the round.
			# Begin the round start countdown.
			# Enable building at the end of the countdown.
			SimpleUI.ShowMessage("Building Enabled")
			# Wait for the start countdown to complete.
			# Begin combat and initialize the storm
			# Hide the round start after its had a second to display.
			Storm.StartStorm(60.0, CurrentRound^)
			# Wait for the round end conditions
					# Setup Solo specific end conditions for testing.
			# Handle round complete.
			# Give everyone a quick completion message.
			SimpleUI.ShowMessage("Round Complete")
			# Disable combat and the storm.
			# Display the scoreboard.
			SimpleUI.ShowRoundOverScoreboard("Round Scoreboard")
			# Cleanup for next round.
		# End the game when all rounds are complete.

Yes, I have already seen that snippet as well. I do not like the pythonic influences either.

Some observations…

I noticed when looking at this snippet, the <latent> notation, considering what latent means, that it appears that coroutines will no longer have a syntactic signifier in code. In the race section of the code, none of those coroutines have underscores.


It looks like the initial assignment operator is equal and the mutation of the exact same location is colon equals, just like in Skookum.

GameStarted := true 
for(i = 1..NumberOfRounds):

It also appears that, potentially, classes are objects and there can be multiple defined classes in a single file. BoxFight = class(FortGameScriptBase):

Just a few observations, does anyone else see something?

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perhaps with this kind of language it might be easier to plug in other scripting languages into it. Sorta like .NET is to the languages that can easily live on top of it( e.g. C#, F#, VB).

There isn’t a ton to go off of yet, and who knows how much they will allow influence after it’s in beta. If they will still do potentially breaking api syntax changes or if this is just what it’s gonna look like forever.


This is it!
I’m getting my hopes high, probably for the 3rd time.

BTW, who is Mark Lintott?


Mark is here:

It better be or I will… wait longer…

But, after reading that, it looks like they will be talking about tools like terrain editors, water systems, etc. Things that help with building your game world. At the same time, they are using the word developer, usually, they use the word artist when referring to the aforementioned tools.

So my conclusion is, I do not know, any other guesses?

Yeah, his profile doesn’t smell Verse. I got blind by reading “Faster iterations” and “upcoming UE5 features for… Fortnite”
Tim seems so busy contemplating Apple and the disappointment continues.
There is no better time to introduce Verse but oh well…

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well new season of fortnite and no creative 2.0 and no verse with it :frowning:

Next 2 possible dates is Unreal Fest Oct 17th

or next season of Fortnite (Dec 6th, 2022), which is also the 4 year anniversary of creative 1.0.

My money is now on Dec 6th for Creative 2.0 and Verse. And fingers crossed Verse will be usable by regular unreal engine folks then too.

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my response… dang

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By the looks of it, it seems to me that they’re preparing to release Verse for the next update of UE5 (5.1). Check this out:
There are a few more commits like that as well. At the very least it seems that they’re already testing Verse against the UE5 master branch from github, which is good news. Hopefully my hype won’t be in vain.

There are also a few hints (mainly an Epic job post looking for developers to build a visual scripting editor for Unreal haha) that they’re also developing a new visual scripting editor that IMO will be Visual Verse. I was hoping that such development wouldn’t delay the release date of Verse. Because if Verse is released in 5.1 (most likely in November-December), I really doubt the new visual scripting editor will be released as well.

I love you crono, always finding those real juicy nuggets! This is the most exciting thing I have seen in a while… cmon… please… :grinning:

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I assume that you are talking about this? Epic Games Careers, Jobs and Employment Opportunity - Epic Games

That is an interesting job request since Verse appears to be a text-based language. This has me wondering, will Verse be more like Smalltalk where there is an isomorphism between the language and the ide? Will there be a new blueprint-style visual language that integrates more closely with a text-based language (Verse)?

Yeah, i’m talking about that job posting. I wasn’t aware it was still up. I personally think that Visual Verse (provisional name) is just the inevitable result of making a new language with a new VM, since maintaining 2 VM is probably not a good idea. So Visual Verse is just Blueprints that compile down to whatever Verse compiles down or that compiles down to actual Verse code in a similar way to how Unity’s Bolt works. And assuming that Verse works in a similar manner to :sk:, then the new visual language should also inherit the new features like live hot-reload, coroutines, etc.

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Today, Unreal Fest will be going on. If anyone finds some information on Verse, please post it here. However, after looking at the sessions, I doubt we are going to hear anything.

It seems they’re going with the name “Visual Verse” for their visual scripting editor and it was actually registered in 2021-10. Pretty cool: