Plugin folder location on a mac?

I was looking for the folder on my mac in the Epic Games Launcher app called plugins so I could place the SkookumScript plugin there. I made the Unreal Engine Projects folder and placed the demo file into that. But I am having trouble finding the plugin folder on a mac. I looked after right clicking on the app and selecting “show package contents”. I go to the engine folder cannot find that pesky plugins folder. Maybe I am looking in the wrong place?
I am a fairly new programmer so this is my first time setting up a project with an engine. I watched the tutorial video but it was for windows.

We do not support the Mac UE4 editor (yet). We will when we have the new Mac-capable IDE. Currently we support the Mac runttime which means that you can only deploy packaged games on Mac.

This is a little tricky and if you don’t have a Windows PC to run the :ue4: editor and SkookumIDE you might want to wait for Mac editor support.

There is still an enormous amount to learn about the :ue4: editor on its own so you can still experiment with it until SkookumIDE and SkookumScript UE4 editor support is available.

try /users/shared/unrealengine/(your engine version)/engine/plugins/