Post Your Workspace Layout

Hey folks. I wanted to see if I could motivate anyone else to post screenshots of their typical :sk: :ue4: screen layout. I’m pretty unimaginative and am secretly looking to steal any productivity secrets I might find. In-particular I never pull tabs out of the UI. My image is large so I’m hosting off-site, I suggest the same.

Here is my fairly vanilla layout, it wasn’t possible until I started using a 4k monitor which at the right size is like having 4x1080p monitors stacked 2x2.

So Blueprints open top-left. :ue4: top-right. :sk: bottom left and then astrogrep and p4 on bottom-right. If I have VS in the mix, it goes into the upper right quad or sometimes dead center. I do builds on virtual desktop 2 and move chrome around to a specific quad based on what I’m referencing. Sometimes I go full-screen with :ue4: if I’m working on sequencer or level design.


I like that layout a lot, mine sucks in comparison. Mine is basically whatever Unreal decided for that day. I would have something more proficient like you do, however, my monitor situation is not as good as yours is.

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Not long ago when I was on the single 1080p, I just split the screen in half :ue4:/:sk: and then VS full screen. The windows 10 virtual desktops really saved me there.

I was curious to see if anyone pulled certain tabs out of the :sk: ide.