Press + to subclass

In the “old” tutorial there are instructions to Highlight Mind, and press + to subclass.
Is there a special button or is it the + keyboard key?

We figured out a workaround to create a subclass by creating a folder in windows…
But, when we highlight mind, pressing + on the keyboard does nothing.

So, the “oops” question of the day is, how do we create a subclass in the IDE?

NM, its a “case issue”
it does not give us an error…just fails.

You can find more info the New Class or Member Pane in the online docs. You can bring it up with Ctrl+N.

If there is anything unclear about it, let us know and we will try to make it better. :madsci:

We’ll update the tutorial.

Right… yea. We are just not quite used to the case requirement preventing certain actions from showing up in the IDE. (apologies).

Yes, the case requirement (in addition to other naming requirements) ensures that aspects of the language are easy to identify at a glance and it also helps to make the SkookumScript compiler really fast.

Hopefully the auto-changing of hint text in the New Class or Member pane helps as you type.

BTW, we always try to allow escape hatch mechanisms like the above so that you can always find a work around rather than needing a fix in the tools. Ideally the tools will always work they way you want and expect though it is good to ensure that you aren’t blocked. :madsci:

I can think of ONE thing you can do that would help other folks in the future… But it might not be super easy to implement.
When I first encountered the problem, I went to the forum and searched on “subclass”, and found no information that hinted about the issue. There’s obviously a lot of info to parse in “Docs” but, to search docs, you get a google search of of so many things and no forum results.
Just out of curiosity, how hard would it be to make the Docs visible to the Forum for searches?

If you search in the SkookumScript docs it will search both the docs and the forums using a Google search.

Currently the forum search just searches the forums using the forum database. Changing it to search the online docs would be tricky. It’s a good idea though. :thinking:

Well we Learned the case lesson! (again).
Well, there is this “drop down” widget that you can choose instances, but not classes or constructors?
Perhaps, you could add Class, and Constructor to that just for the sake of completeness.
Obviously, that does not “solve” the fact that a person will need to know they need to use upper case, for classes but, by clicking the Class option in the drop down, it hints to the editor to force it.
Again, sorry for the time sink.

Are you talking about the instance / class (i/c) toggle on the New Class or Member pane?

That is used to indicate whether a routine should be a class (“static” in C++) member or an instance member of an object.

What you type in the New Class or Member pane (or just the “New” pane for short) specifies what type of new language construct that you want to create: subclass, routine (constructor, destructor, conversion method, method, coroutine), or data member.

The hint text should help you remember what syntax is expected for the different types of things you can create:

[Class.] SubClass | _coroutine | method[?] | ![constructor] | !!(destructor) | ConvertClass | @instance_data[?] | @@class_data[?]

Once you are familiar with the possibilities, the New pane is quick and easy to use - of course that is after you are familiar with it. :grin:

We recommend reading through the New Class or Member pane doc page in its entirety at least once. You might not remember it all the first time though you might have a fuzzy recollection that would remind you to look up specifics again in the future as needed.

Is there any way to get a PDF version of the docs? (Would make it a lot easier for me to parse).

No PDF version - just online. The Primer is a good start if you haven’t read it all yet.

There should be a PDF and book version one day! :madsci: