Question about the future of SkookumScript and Verse

Greetings Skookoomers (Skoomers? Skookumians?), so I’ve found out that Epic Games is planning to release Verse that is being developed by SkookumScript team, the same team who have plans to update Skookum for UE5 sometime in the future as well?

So I’ve been wondering what to make of it, apparently this is a situation where one team makes two different easy-to-use programming languages that achieve the same goal? What would be the ups and downs of each of Skookum and Verse? Will one of them be ultimately discarded in favor of another?

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Hi! SkookumScript development was paused since 2018-2019. As far as I can tell, there’s only 1 person maintaining Skookumscript and he’s not part of the team currently developing Verse. Also, it seems that Verse is being developed by more people than the original Skookumscript dev team (including that Haskell guy and Tim Sweeney himself).

I don’t know what will be the differences of the languages. But Verse is going to be maintained and supported by Epic. Skookumscript future is unknown for us, and I’m not sure if the dev teams will be able to give you more answers than the ones given in the latest 10 or so threads.

Just wait for Verse. It should come out soon™ with Fortnite Creative 2.0 and there’s no reason to believe it won’t be released for Unreal as well.

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Can Verse be used at runtime like SK?
Personally, I wish it was a script that could be used in game mod.

I need a script that can read at runtime.

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We really do not know right now. We hope it will be capable of such things because of its heritage (smalltalk → skookum → verse).

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Verse is coming out for Unreal Engine for Fortnite (UEFN) and SkookumScript is the only Epic scripting language for Unreal for now. Both Verse and SkookumScript are for runtime development.