Read vs Unread posts

I don’t see any unique identifiers when I sign in that show whether a post is read or unread.
My guess is that this is not functioning properly for my account or perhaps I have done something wrong.

Should I see something special to identify an unread post?

Is there a way to reset so all the posts are marked as “unread”?

Hi Macktek - thanks for the suggestions. We use the forum software Discourse with some minor customizations.

Unread posts should be rendered slightly brighter than read posts, is that not the case for you? If not, it would be interesting to know what OS/browser you are using so we can reproduce it here. (Read posts have the CSS class visited set on them which should make them appear less bright than unread posts.)

As far as resetting posts to unread is concerned, I am afraid we are not aware of any way of doing this. You might be able to find a solution by checking on the Discourse Meta forums.

I also see a new tag on posts that I have not read. If it is a post that I have read and a new reply is added it appends the number of new replies that I have not read - such as 2 - to the end of the post name.

This may have something to do with posts and categories that I am actively tracking though I think it happens automatically.

You probably have tried this already though you could also ‘refresh’ / ‘reload current page’ to ensure that the most recent styles are being used.