[RESOLVED] SkookumScript and a custom engine

I’m interested in checking out SkookumScript for a personal game projects of mine, it’s all my own game engine. I’ve been using Lua so far and I’m fed up with it.

According to download page (here: http://skookumscript.com/download/ ) Skookum is available for other engines. The licensing appears to be free too, as I’m only targeting PC and iOS (although, please correct me on that one if I’m misinformed).

Could anyone point me in the right direction to start integrating Skookum into a custom engine? Where are the headers and libraries at? Is the GitHub UE4 plugin the best place to start? At a quick glance to the plugin, the editor and such are all tightly integrated to UE4, so a custom game integration would be limited to just the language. Is that correct?

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Yes, it is possible to use SkookumScript with any engine and even to co-exist with Lua as you are adding it in.

On past projects that started with Lua, I actually added some commands in SkookumScript to call arbitrary Lua commands to help with the transition.

The GitHub UE4 Plugin is the best place to start. It has all the headers and precompiled libraries that you would need for different platforms. You just wouldn’t need the actual UE4 plugin - though its code would be useful as a guide to integrate into your engine.

You would still use the SkookumIDE and get all of its features too - REPL live script snippets, debugging, live code changes, etc.

Here is a related forum post that also mentions the C++ classes you will need to derive your own custom subclasses and overridden methods for your engine:

And here is an older related post:

Great to hear that you are progressing.

You should be using the files from our GitHub 4.13 branch, we currently only use the master branch internally and it is not up-to-date.

To link with SkookumScript-Debug.lib and AgogCore-Debug.lib you need to define:

To link with SkookumScript-Development.lib and AgogCore-Development.lib you need to define:

To link with SkookumScript-Shipping.lib and AgogCore-Shipping.lib you need to define:

Let us know how it goes and if you need any additional help.

Good luck!

Great! That worked thanks.


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