Revamped SkookumIDE with new GUI

We are working on a revamped SkookumIDE using the same Slate user interface system used by the Unreal Engine 4 editor.

It will allow us to make much more sophisticated authoring, analysis and debugging features. It will also pave the way to the SkookumIDE being on multiple platforms - it will initially be available for Windows PC, then Mac OS/X and then Linux. :madsci:

This will also enable us to fix several existing problems in the current SkookumIDE such as slow typing when an edit box has lots of text. It should also be able to better handle non-western character sets.

Expect the first release this fall.


Looks Amazing and now really feels like it is fully integrated with Unreal and it everything is done correctly every developer will be working only with Skookum Script not with another scripting language unlike Lua.:heart_eyes:


Indeed! Can’t wait to try it out.



Since it is now no longer spring how are things going with the new ide?

Not that spring is a magical timeframe for the new IDE, though technically the last day of spring is June 19 and the first day of summer is June 20 - see the [summer solstice] ( :madsci:

The new IDE is coming along. We may release an version that does not have 100% of the previous IDE’s features or we may wait until we have everything ported over.

It is a software estimate and we will revise more specific dates as we get closer.

Hehe, I was going by school scheduling.

That looks prety good, a needed update to complete the Unreal Engine 4 integration :+1:

Hey guys. I’ve just discovered SkookumScript but was bummed out to see there was no Mac IDE support. Is this still in the works and how is it coming along?

We are using the new IDE internally. :madsci:

There are a few course edges and missing bits though it will be available for Windows PC soon.

All the work for the Windows version is applicable to the Mac and Linux IDE as well.

To get the Mac and Linux version of the IDE up and running we will have to write some file and socket systems that are currently Windows specific. As soon as we have a more specific ETA we will let you know.

Thanks for the reply. Really looking forward to getting into SkookumScript natively on my Mac.

One question, can I run the IDE in a Windows VM and work with SkookumScript on Unreal 4 on a Mac as a workaround?

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In theory.

We haven’t run the current SkookumIDE in something like Wine for a while.

We haven’t tried the new Slate based SkookumIDE in a Windows VM at all yet.

Either might just work or may need a tweak or two.

If you are willing to give us feedback we can try to help you out though we are prioritizing the last few features of the new IDE first.

Also see some extra info here:

Very soon now…

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Would this allow the IDE to have plugins?

Not on day one, though that is the plan.

More and more parts of the IDE will be written in :sk: itself which you will be able to modify and add to. Ideally this will also include C++ plugins.

Right now there is also a mechanism using the command-line which is a somewhat simplistic way to communicate with the SkookumIDE.

Thanks for all your patience!

The revamped SkookumIDE is available today.

It is still under development, though you can check it out immediately - get your hands on it here!

As always, let us know if you have any questions!