Runtime binary for iOS not included?


I’ve just tried to launch my project on my iPhone 6 Plus and I got this when I launch the project.

And it seems like the downloaded zip file only has Win64 binary in it? Or did I do something wrong?
I’m using 3.0.2234 with 4.10.2 installed from Launcher.

Yes the downloaded zip file currently has only the Win64 DLL module in it for working with UE4Editor on Windows. For all other platforms, only packaged “Game” builds are supported. You have to have VS2015 (Windows) or Xcode (Mac) installed to build an iOS executable supporting SkookumScript. The build system will then automatically download the required binary libraries for your target platform.

Curious, what are the exact steps that lead to this error message?

Thanks for the reply! :blush:

Currently I have a Blueprint-only project built using the Editor on Windows. What I did was just use the Launch button and choose my iPhone. So yeah I think the problem is there are no plugin executable for the device to run like you said.

I do have a Mac available.

So does that mean I need to open the project on my Mac. Add a dummy class to the project so it will build an Xcode project. Then do the build using Xcode? Or I can accomplish the same thing without too much hassle switching back and forth between Windows and Mac PCs. I’ve setup this Windows PC just for UE4 development since my UE4 experience on the Mac wasn’t that great.

When you deploy to iOS on the PC, :ue4: just combines your game data with a precompiled “stub” ipa, signs and deploys it to the device. So all you need is technically a replacement for the stub ipa with SkookumScript built in. I’ll see if I can build you one and post it in this thread.

Wow that would be very nice of you if you could provide the “stub” IPA. It should help others (especially non-programmers) to try out :sk: on iOS.

So that’s how the Editor on Windows is able to build the IPA. Learn something new today! :smiley:

I’m also wondering whether Android APKs were built using the same way as iOS IPAs by the Engine.