SK equivalent to TSubclassOf and BlueprintPure

Hi, I wanted to know if there’s an equivalent for the C++ TSubclassOf in SK (I know about <ClassName> but the blueprint node won’t show a class argument for the node.
I also wanted to know if there’s anything like BlueprintPure in C++ for SK (I know about &blueprint but it generate a BlueprintCallable, not want I want)?

If I understand you correctly, and you are just looking for Sk methods then you would use:

if object.subclass_of?(TestClass)
  [println("It's a subclass")]

// These can also be found in the Object class:
if object.class_of?(TestClass)
  [println("It's the same class or a subclass")]
if object.superclass_of?(TestClass)
  [println("It's a superclass")]

This answer might be related too:

No. Sk does not have anything like BlueprintPure. We might add something akin to a const in the future.

What are you trying to do? Are you trying to call into C++ or have C++ call into Sk?

I’m trying to do something akin to this:

bool ATestCharacter::HasWeapon(const TSubclassOf<class ADFNDBaseWeapon>& TestWeapon) const {
	for (ADFNDBaseWeapon* Weapon : Weapons) {
		if (TestWeapon->GetClass( ) == *TestWeapon)
			return true;
	return false;

but in SK but i can’t seem to find a way to expose to blueprint properly here’s my SK code

(<EntityClass> test_weapon) Boolean [
  @weapons.any? [item.class_of?(test_weapon)]

here’s the node from the C++ code:

and here’s the SK node

I want to get the same node in SK as i do in C++ is it even possible? (I don’t care whether it’s a BlueprintPure or BlueprintCallable as long as I can pass a class directly.

I’m sorry I can’t seem to find the proper ways to explain myself in english, seems my brain is already sleeping but I hope its clearer now?

P.S. thx for the fast answer, wasn’t expecting that

Sk does not currently support TSubClassOf. However, just using EntityClass (without angle brackets) as the input type should work and be completely safe since all you do is comparing pointers.

(EntityClass test_weapon_class) Boolean [
  @weapons.any? [item.static_class = test_weapon_class]

Note that this code is not aware of potential inheritance between weapons since it compares class pointers directly.

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I just found MathLib.class_is_child_of() which might be what you are looking for.

(EntityClass weapon_class) Boolean [
  @weapons.any? [MathLib.class_is_child_of(item.static_class weapon_class)]

Didn’t expect to find it there, though UE4 has many things stuffed into MathLib. :madsci:

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Note that in the latest ver. 3.0.5546 update, wrapper methods were added to EntityClass including:

  • entity_class_of?()
  • entity_subclass_of?()
  • entity_superclass_of?()
  • equal?() or =
  • not_equal?() or ~=

So you can now write the above as:

(EntityClass weapon_class) Boolean [
  @weapons.any? [item.static_class.entity_subclass_of?(weapon_class)]