Skookum Custom Event in BP

I understand this post:
([HELP] General Skookum+Blueprint workflow guideline?)
and I can get custom methods to show up in BP, but I can’t get the :sk: event to work. I’ve tried:





I got the “event” to show up (once) as a regular method but I can’t seem to reproduce even that. Please tell me that there’s some Skookum salt that I just have to throw over my shoulder and it will work

Events have no bodies, so the first example you used.

Are you sure you created it in the right class in the :sk: IDE? And you compiled in :sk: IDE and recompiled the BP?

Yes, I only have one class. I can see the components (camera, static mesh etc.) and the two new methods that I added. For some reason, the event (it is like my first example) doesn’t show up as a BP event node when I right-click in the event graph. I know I’m doing something wrong, but I can’t find it.

Yes, both the IDE and BP have been compiled.

Is this on 4.21? I think there may actually be a bug here.

If you are on 4.21, instead of right-clicking and searching for the event in the context helper, can you look in the Function override list? Accessed by clicking this below. You should see all available :sk: defined events there from now on.

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That worked! At first I thought the placement was somewhat counter-intuitive, but when I tried to drag a copy into the Event Graph, there was an error message stating that the event was not Blueprint callable. Given that the event is supposed to be called from :sk: and not Blueprint, it now makes sense. Thanks very much.