Skookum IDE on Linux - Workflow?

Hey folks!

Been using the plugin so far on Windows, but I prefer to operate on Linux.

Given that there’s no Unreal Marketplace support on Linux, what are the steps I’ll need to take to get up and running with SkookumScript on Linux?

I’m guessing it’s:

  • Compile Skookum UE4 plugin from source
  • Install plugin
  • Install Wine
  • Install SkookumIDE in Wine
  • Run UE editor natively
  • Run SkookumIDE using Wine

Is this correct?


Hi David - to compile the Sk plugin from source you’d need a full source license which is not free. We are planning to support Linux with our free version in the near future though. User @error454 has a full source license and built some “unofficial” Linux precompiled libraries that work with our free plugin. You could contact him for a drop of these binary libraries, then you could create a Linux version of the plugin with the free version. We hope to make Linux support official very soon though.

As far as the IDE goes, last time we tried running it in Wine there were some issues, but we have not tried recently. We are working on a Slate (UE4-GUI) based version of the IDE which will be very slick and also run on Linux. The Linux version of the SkookumIDE is about a couple months out from now. At that point you should have a fully native Linux-based workflow.

Huge thanks for the quick reply!

I’ve heard about the Slate-based IDE and am eagerly awaiting it.

In the meantime, is there any solution for Mac OS? I ask because I’ve only got Mac and Linux laptops and I’m about to be traveling for a few weeks. Would be killer if I could bring Skookum on the road.

Thanks again.

If you’re interested in the Linux drop, let me know and I can package binaries for 4.13. You’d also need to apply a minor patch over top of the :sk: 4.13 github release to support compiling for Linux.

I don’t do Mac over here, so I’m no help there.

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Linux would be perfect. I’m happy to self-compile if I have instructions on how to do so. Otherwise I’d really love the 4.13 binary drop.

Much appreciated!

While I have your attention, what does your Linux-based workflow look like? My understanding is that SkookumIDE is not available, so do you write the code in Vim/Emacs/etc and then compile the scripts using a command-line tool, like Make?


I’m not exactly sure how to package a binary drop. The way I’m building is by adding some pre-built libs and code to the github version of :sk:. As far as the instructions to actually get this going, those would be basically:

  1. Get the github version of :sk: working in your project
  2. Add my junk on top of it

I’m not actually doing any of my work on Linux, I’m simply cross-compiling for Linux from Windows.

The Mac binaries for the SkookumScript API and plugin are available via the Unreal Marketplace and from our GitHub repository.

We have not been actively testing the Mac binaries with each release though they should work. :madsci:

Currently you need to compile the SkookumScript script binaries using the Windows SkookumIDE. You could also use the Windows SkookumIDE to connect to the Mac UE4 runtime when it is using the SkookumScript plugin. You need to run the SkookumIDE on Windows or Wine (not tested for some time).

You can have the SkookumIDE copy the compiled script binaries to a drive shared with your Mac. You can even dual-boot if that is the only option.

In the [Output] section of your project .ini file you can specify one or more directories for the SkookumIDE to copy the binaries:


In the future, either we will get the SkookumIDE running natively on the Mac (and Linux) soon after the new Slate version of the SkookumIDE is available for Windows or we will release a command line version of a simpler SkookumScript compiler that will work for Mac (and Linux) to bridge the gap.

So SkookumScript development on a Mac is possible though currently a pain.

Now that the new slate ide is here, is using skookum/unreal in linux a “trivial” task?

It is certainly much closer.

The UI is platform independent though some of the underlying IO mechanisms need to be updated to work on non-PCs.

Before that we will be adding a few missing bits and getting some more stability for the SkookumIDE.

We’ll let you know as soon as we’ve started Linux version of SkoookumIDE. :rocket:

Hi, @Noolarch!

I know you guys are pretty busy with the latest 4.20 update and Py integration, but I would love to know if there is an update on this…
The Skookum Slate-based IDE is fantastic, by the way. Very intuitive for old Skookum users, and very friendly to :ue4: users as well.

I would love to keep working on my Linux Mint environment. Can you confirm if that’s possible right now with :sk:?

Thanks in advance!

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It is not possible to use the SkookumIDE in Linux yet. :slightly_frowning_face:

It would be possible to have the SkookumScript runtime work in Linux though we would have to build binaries for whatever distribution you are using or you would need to get a project license so you could build it yourself. We currently pre-build iOS and Android in addition to the MS Windows SkookumScript runtime binaries.

The SkookumIDE must have its TCP/IP communication and file I/O layer converted before it will work on Linux (or Mac for that matter).

Currently we are focused on making the MS Windows SkookumIDE development experience working the way we want from top to bottom before we get it to work on other platforms. There are some enterprise clients who also work in Linux that might increase the priority of getting full Sk Linux support.

Linux support will come, though we unfortunately don’t have a timeline for it.

Just out of curiosity, can you tell us what necessitates Linux for you? Do you just like Linux as a development environment or do you also specifically need to need to target Linux for your project?

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Hey guys, any plans to change this?

We are working on an MP FPS, and I would really love to use Skookum features to create and extend some of our weapons functionalities. But our servers are going to be Linux Dedicated Servers (and the server need to run skookum code to actually calculate recoil, spread, on an authoritative manner, respecting the UE framework).

I know you guys are really busy after Epic acquisition (congrats for that! \o/ awesome news for all the game dev community)… But please… don’t forget the Linux developers…

So would be an amazing feature, if we could have (at least the pre-built) binaries.

Thanks in advance!

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