SkookumScript and Custom engines

Hey I have some friends that are making a custom Voxel engine that they plan on reselling to other people.

I want to advocate skookumscript over lua for the scripting language for their engine.
What are the requirements for a small team using SkookumScript that plans to resell the engine?
What are the revenue requirements for a small indie team?

I know for a fact that they would benefit from the Live Coding and such as most of their work is procedural stuff.

Voxels to be precise and Coding in C and C++ can be painful for VoxelDev. As you have to compile the engine every time to see a change in the code or what have you.

I am not sure who to email to ask and I want to make a really good first impression with Skookumscript opposed to LUA.

Sorry for the uber Vague post btw,

All the bits and bobs they would need to integrate SkookumScript are publicly available.

The SkookumScript UE4 Plugin has precompiled binaries, C++ source and header files that should allow you to hook up SkookumScript to any C++ project - new engines, non-games, etc.

The only tricky part is that SkookumScript evolved in an environment where the .cpp files were available as part of the license and a lot of the comments are currently in the .cpp files rather than the .hpp files. Likewise it would probably be nice to have a bit more of a guide for hooking up to an engine though all the source for the UE4 plugin is available on GitHub so you can look at that at least as an example.

Initial integration could be as little as a couple of hours.

Perhaps direct them to the SkookumScript stand-alone demo to show things off -

They should totally give SkookumScript integration a shot. We can even make a “VoxelDev” category for them to post questions and info. :madsci:

I will direct them to that. :slight_smile:
I am literally in a voice server with them right now and just posted this to them.

They will see it when they get up :slight_smile:

The UE4 integration is a good place to look for examples of how to hook up SkookumScript to an engine.

You can get the SkookumScript UE4 Plugin source via GitHub at

There are still a lot of comments in the .cpp files that are built into the library binaries, however we will be moving the comments to the publicly available .hpp header files soon.

The main runtime hooks come from methods overridden from the SkookumRuntimeBase class - take a look at the SkUERuntime class in Engine\Plugins\SkookumScript\Source\SkookumScriptRuntime\Private\Bindings\SkUERuntime.hpp for an example.

The main hooks to enable the remote SkookumIDE come from methods overridden from the SkookumRemoteRuntimeBase class - take a look at the SkUERemote class in Engine\Plugins\SkookumScript\Source\SkookumScriptRuntime\Private\Bindings\SkUERemote.hpp for an example.

Most of the initialization, updating and deinitialization can be found here - Engine\Plugins\SkookumScript\Source\SkookumScriptRuntime\Private\SkookumScriptRuntime.cpp.

They’ll probably want additional help, but that might be enough to get them up and running.