SkookumScript compile tests on Linux and OS X

Hey since there is some discussion about SkookumScript compatibility with different platforms just wanted to mention I ran some compile tests over the weekend, compiling the SkookumScript runtime (AgogCore & SkookumScript) on GCC/Cygwin, GCC/Linux-Debian and Clang/Xcode/OS X. With some minor tweaks the libraries now compile fine with these compilers on these platforms. More updates to follow!



Though, it will be great to have the IDE on OSX along with autocompletion. Do you have ETA for that?

We are planning to completely rebuild the IDE in a cross-platform fashion which would include Mac OS X. That is at least 6 months out though at this point. We will have runtime support for all UE4 target platforms much sooner.

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Though we will have a command line compiler (not the whole IDE) native for all Linux, OS/X and MS Windows platforms sometime this summer.

6 months will work for me. thx!

Sorry for the thread necromancy.

But do you guys have plans for SteamOS?

EDIT: Guess I should mention that SteamOS is basically Debian with Steam running in Big picture mode.

Yup - we will definitely support SteamOS in particular.

SkookumScript builds on pretty much anything that has a C++ compiler. (Its runtime is written in C++.)

We just haven’t been building for anything other than Windows and iOS for the closed beta to minimize the amount of building and testing that we need to do for each revision.

First we will support the SkookumScript runtime across platforms and then we plan to have a OS/X and Linux version of the IDE as well (and a Windows IDE revamp).

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That is great that you plan to support SteamOS.


Super happy about that.

It already has been running on 6 different OSes and we’ve compiled it (though not actually run and tested it) on many many more.

SteamOS is just one more and should be easy.

Besides - a programming language dedicated to games should support an OS dedicated to games.

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That said cannot wait for Vulkan. From what I have heard SteamOS runs on OpenGL for the moment. I would need to look for myself to make sure that this is true.

That video is awesome! Just because it is running on Intel graphics.