SkookumScript for an RPG?

I would like to create a computer role-playing game similar to those in the Elder Scrolls series using Unreal Engine 4 and was wondering if the SkookumScript plugin would be a good option for that type of game.

I’m a little unclear on what aspects of game creation SkookumScript is best suited for.

I’ve read/heard that it is often used for stage direction, but I’m not sure what that actually means. I’m guessing it involves giving instructions to actors (NPCs), controlling weather effects, triggering environment sounds, the day/night cycle etc. but I’m not certain.

Are there any books or tutorials on SkookumScript, other than those on this site? I wasn’t able to find much in a Yahoo search, which is a little worrying.

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I think the creators are being a little modest about the whole stage direction thing. Skookum is useful for creating entire games, it has great performance and wonderful abstractions. It has been used to create an mmo where almost the whole code base was Skookum. So do not worry about Skookum being a hindrance, rather, worry about your time, resources, etc. being the hindrance. As far as tutorials go, there are not really any out there that I know of. Skookum is still quite new as far as programming languages go, that means you will have to take the spartan approach to programming. Good luck!

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The articles and videos I have seen which used the term “stage direction” were quite short, so I guessed it was an umbrella term for a whole range of gameplay features. As I haven’t seen the term applied to games before, I’m just a little unclear about where its strengths (and weaknesses) are.

The only completed games I know of that have used SkookumScript are Sleeping Dogs and Triad Wars, which don’t use Unreal Engine and are not RPGs.

Are there any RPGs being made with SkookumScript that have some sort of dev diary or blog?

Not that I know of, however, I assure you that skookum is completely capable of making an RPG. Not that my assurance means anything :wink:
Plenty of games have been made in blueprints, a far less capable “language” than skookum.
Do you have any specific concerns?

SkookumScript would be ideal for an RPG title. :crossed_swords: :alien:

We only talk about stage direction in that SkookumScript is especially good at coding the high-level and time-flow aspects of a game/simulation compared to other languages. SkookumScript is still great at other areas of coding too. :madsci:

JacobGood1: My main concern is how much of a game as complex as an RPG could be made using SkookumScript, as they tend to be a lot more complex than games in other genres.

I’d like to avoid C++ as much as possible, as it’s a little too low level for my tastes (and yet another thing to learn).

Noolarch: That’s good to hear.

I had read in several articles that Blueprints, SkookumScript and C++ all have their own strengths and weaknesses and that you should try and use the best tool for the task you’re doing. There didn’t seem to be much info on how to choose though.

Does the SkookumScript IDE have a help manual included in the Unreal Engine plugin or would I need to use the docs on this site to learn the language?

The best place to start to learn about SkookumScript including the SkookumIDE is in the online SkookumScript Primer.

The SkookumIDE just links to the online docs too.

Thanks guys. :+1:

I’m currently downloading the demo version to play around with while I wait for the latest version of the UE4 plugin to become available on the marketplace.