SkookumScript for UnrealTournament?

Hi, Mad Scientists!

First of all, I really appreciate for you guys doing a wonderful work to help the communities out. I’m not sure why Epic game is against/not-active having a script but to be honest, I hate to work with BP(it is too messy for medium to large projects) and coding C++ is very unproductive. We need something in-between and SkookumScript hits the sweetspot.

I’ve been glancing over SkookumScript for a while and I think I’m finally ready to delve into it. I’ve looked at the robot example but it was way too simple and we need more comprehensive examples to fully appreciate SkookumScript.

Anyway, the game I’m trying to make is a FPS game and I would like to use UT as a learning project by replacing some of the classes/BPs into SS. It would really wonderful if I could run SkookumScript on it.

Do you think it is possible? I’m sure it is but I need little help to get setup. Would you be kind enough to show some guidelines? I’m sure there are some others like me and modding UT with SkookumScript will show its true capabilities.

UT is not the default UE4 project and are there anything that I need to aware (unsupported feature) before start using SS? such as UT classes will not be exposed and such.

Many thanks.


You’re welcome! :madsci:

Tim Sweeney of Epic was the main architect for Unreal Script and he continues to do a significant amount of tech for UE4 and he is the Epic CEO busy with the business side of things. We’ve spoken to him and he just didn’t have time to do it all and it takes a lot of time to have a language keep pace with the engine features. We know. :madsci: I wanted to make sure we didn’t step on any toes - especially since Unreal Script was his baby. He said he just wanted to make sure that it was a language truly tailored to games and not just a general purpose language wedged in there - they already have C++ for that. SkookumScript fits those requirements by design and he gave the nod for SkookukmScript to fill the gap.

Perfect timing! Our CTO Markus (@GreatGuru) just ensured that the SkookumScript plugin works with UT.

Some of the UT changes have been pushed to the Sk GitHub and there are zip files for the Marketplace too. We alerted the Unreal Marketplace team to make a new version of the Sk plugin last week so the Marketplace version should be updated soon too.

@GreatGuru’s plan is to make a post on the steps on how to best use the SkookumScript UE4 plugin with UT. He is off today for July 4th. He is based in the San Fransisco Bay Area so the Canadians were off yesterday for Canada Day and he is off today. He’ll be able to give you the steps needed to integrate Sk into UT tomorrow.

Our thoughts as well. This will be great!

Thanks for the interest.

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Wow, that’s really awesome!! I’m looking forward to the GreatGuru’s post. Thanks a lot!

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The specific UT version of the Sk plugin is actually not on GitHub. It was meant more like an internal test case of plugin robustness but if there’s general interest in UT support we could add it to our officially supported branches of the Sk plugin. A few minor changes need to be made to the UT code as well. I’ll post more details tomorrow.

I’m very excited!! I guess there are some other users who want to use SkookumScript for non-default UE4. I know few developers actually making VR games based off of RoboRecall. I can push them to try SS if you can give us some general guideline how to Skookumify non-default UE4 project. I tried but failed trying to install SS into it. UT and RoboRecall are the most notable open-source non-default UE4 projects(VR and non-VR) and it should cover many potential users. I’ll be more than happy to become an advocate. This is really exciting!!


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We are looking into having SkookumScript work with Robo Recall as well. :madsci:

We’ll let people know as soon as the the appropriate steps and an adapted :sk: plugin are available.

Haven’t forgotten you btw! Other tasks have come up but will post more details on UT support soon.

I can also say that we got Sk working with the Robo Recall mod kit (there are still some glitches to iron out however). So you can also look forward to a Robo Recall edition of Sk!

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I’ll admit that I can barely contain my excitement at the prospects of whipping :sk: stuff up in Robo Recall! :smiley:


Hi, Guys, I didn’t want to be pushy, thus silently have been waiting. Any news regards to UT and RoboRecall integration? I’m still very excited what SS can do for us. Please keep the good work. Cheers!

Hey sorry for the delay. Three higher priority bug fixes came up in the meantime and we always fix bugs that keep people from working with a higher priority. I might be able to get something to you today!

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Please take your time. I fully understand that fixing bug has higher priority and as long as it’s coming, I’m pretty happy. ^^


UT is now supported - here’s how to set it up. Let me know if it works for you!

After extensive QA, we have made the Robo Recall integration of SkookumScript now publicly available on GitHub. Let us know if it works for you!

Hi, GreatGuru, thanks a lot! I’ll pass it along to others.


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