SkookumScript tutorial & first thoughts

Thanks for the hint. I managed to get it down to this, which I am very happy with:

  4._do  //do the following block of code 4 times

I’ve always shied away from UE4 because I find C++ too verbose while my experience of visual scripting languages like BP has been one of painful version control and a lack of any ability to abstract away features while making things which should be very simple into monstrosities of cables. I was hoping SkookumScript would solve this issue and so far I’m very happy with what it can do. It even makes C# in Unity look bloated. I hope support continues for the foreseeable future! Now if only there was a VSCode extension to streamline the code editing process!


Yes, yes and yes. Welcome to the converted, here, put this these mad science goggles on :madsci:.

Support will continue as long as the community wants to use the product. I am the sole maintainer right now, but I hope that changes in the future.

@0x90 took a stab at getting a VSCode extension started. It’s something that’s also on my list that I haven’t had time to dig into. I like the idea of implementing the Microsoft Language Server Protocol into the product so that we could have the option of using VSCode, or any other IDE that implements it.

That said, there are a few command line switches that allow you to execute code similar to REPL from other apps like VSCode. They might give some freedom to use VSCode in the short term if you can live with switching between that and the :sk: IDE to compile. Javascript is a pretty good match for the syntax highlighting.