Sneak peak at Verse

Recently you can now wishlist UEFN. Alongside they showed us a picture of the new verse programming language 20230316_180648

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Mostly looks reasonable. A few weird things.

Here are my observations of things that stick out.

  • The functions ending with a = is a little weird but no big deal
  • The 2 styles for if statements are interesting and seems fine.
  • The usage of := for assignment and = for comparison I think is fine. But a few areas feel a little ‘inconsistent’
  • Is the HandleTimerExpired Agent:= assignment in the if operator a member variable or just ‘auto’ 'var’ed into creation there?
  • What is ‘agent’ on line 141 doing?
  • Line 121, is ‘agent’ a lowercase classname? Seems a little weird for my tastes. I’d prefer the other way around. (uppercase classname, lower case param name). But is pretty typical of Epic to totally over do the capitalization and not use lowercase almost never use camelCase to the point of confusion or even use member prefix like _ or whatever ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Finally! It looks like python/nim syntax wise. I was hoping for braces, but as long as it improves iteration times and doesn’t suck I’m all in. I hope it has access to more stuff in C++ as well, and not limited to BP’s level of access.
I personally don’t mind weird syntax as long as it’s not done on purpose to confuse people and its usage has some form of sense. In my experience as long as the editor support for the language is good, intelisense/autocomplete works at reasonable industry standards, an so on… Then I’ll get used to the syntax in a few days.

Hopefully, it will be experimental for use in UE as well :crossed_fingers:

I asked someone who had access if you could still use braces { } even though the indenting is required and they said you can

they tried 2 variations



I’m not sure if it impacts indenting requirement or not, but we can test next week!

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There are oh so many variations!

More next week.

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Honestly this looks pretty alright. I expected worse, so this is a welcome sight.