[Solved] Will Skookum script 4.21 source work in 4.22?

Is it safe to merge 4.22 upstream w/ the 4.21 branch of :sk:?
Was looking to sync to latest for Niagara updates.

It is probably not safe. There will most likely be some unknown side-effects, I haven’t tested so can’t say for sure.

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Awesome, thanks. I’ll change the title to be more descript.

I got the 4.21 version of :sk: working with some relatively minor changes on 4.22. I don’t know how I would go about sharing those changes however.
I should add that we haven’t yet tested the resulting plugin with our full codebase, as we haven’t yet migrated our project to 4.22. But it builds properly and works correctly with simple use cases.

That’s great!

I’ve been testing 4.22 in my main project and have been working through a number of runtime issues, 1 related to blueprint compiles crashing when :sk: inheritance is more than 2 levels deep and others related to the new Live++ plugin. If you’ve got a fork of the :sk: github 4.21 branch you can always push back to your fork as a means of sharing.

The changes were pretty minor on my end as well. A few build script things and changing out an interface for blueprint compile notifications. I’d push my stuff but I’m currently working out of the full-source branch, still waiting for the dust to settle on all that open source stuff.

Ohh, I had no idea :sk: was now public on Github :stuck_out_tongue: We were still using the P4 licensee branch.

The changes I had to make sound very similar to yours, although I’m curious to hear how you handled the linker issues with the AgogCore and SkookumScript modules. I think that’s what you mean with the build script things you mention, but I also had to add a dependency to the Core module on both of those modules, to use the IMPLEMENT_MODULE macro. That forced me to fix a conflict with the TEXT macro from winnt.h that was clashing with UE’s TEXT macro.

It sucks that you’ve had issues with the Live++ plugin, we were hoping to use that once we made the switch to 4.22

I’m an idiot :o. Forgot you were a licensee. The github version has been around for awhile, it has some compiled binaries vs full source. Let me push up my P4 4.22 branch this afternoon, at least we can work out of the same codebase. I remember needing to add a few includes to get the IMPLEMENT_MODULE stuff going.

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Where’s the recommended place to get news about updates on the 4.22 branch of :sk: on github?

Edit: Really appreciate the comment below. Reading “Let me push up my P4 4.22 branch this afternoon”, I’d thought that meant it was going to be committed to github, so I was a little curious where I could get my eyes on the necessary changes. Thx!

We are in the middle of getting the github stuff all setup for the future. Check the forums soon for an update. We are on the home stretch now.


I just learned of SkookumScript now and am super hyped to try it out for the first time. Unfortunately, seems I joined just in a bit of a turbulent time.

I’ll be eagerly awaiting any news with a watchful gaze. Can’t wait to test-run this baby in the beautiful UE 4.22 (Niagara!!!) environment once it gets supported.

Excited for the future!

Do not wait to test it out, go ahead and build with whatever version it works with right now. The language is a game changer (pun intended) =).