Stale methods/co show in IDE after recompile all

Occasionally I need to delete a method or coroutine. In the past IDE I would delete the file and force recompile and the IDE would pick things up.

Right now the only way to get the IDE to pick up the change is to close it and relaunch it with the :sk: button in :ue4:.

Does File / Reload Current Project not work for you?

It doesn’t seem to. This is my procedure:

  1. Create new cor _test
  2. Delete _test().sk in windows explorer
  3. Reload project

_test still shows in IDE

Just submitted a fix for this. Let me know if it works for you. Btw, we will soon also implement an explicit Delete command for routines as well.

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Btw the new IDE in the latest update, 3.0.3991 also has a context menu Delete that allows you to delete routines with a mouse click (or the Delete key).


Works great!