Step by step manual or tutorial


has anybody of you a step by step manual / tutorial for a way, to get used with SkookumScript?

I’ve read the docs, but it’s not clear, how to get started. So I’m forced to do very much try and error, which means to use very much time. Therefore I’m thinking about, whether it will better continueing with C++ and/or Blueprints. Yes I know. This way is not a short way. But in C++ the way how a source code file’s structure has to look is well-known.
But I don’t have any idea, how to start with SkookumScript. Maybe, I’m thinking to complicated.

It would be very helpful, to have a reference of the complete language and howTos.

Otherwise I could be, that I haven’t found the appropriate site with this infos.

Thank you for your support and helping.

We are working on the tutorials (video and text) and documentation right now.

The next step is a quick start guide that will help you to figure out how all the pieces work together and how to structure an entire project.

For now - try to ask as specific a question as you can as to various things that you are trying to learn or problems that you are trying to solve and we will try to give quick answers through the forum.

When would it OK for users to create their own tutorial content? (Wiki, YouTube, etc.) Mostly for existing teams involved in the beta for their members and answering questions most Beta testers already solved.

There are a few video tutorials already available.

There are currently 7 tutorial videos.

If you would like to create your own videos and wikis - please go for it! :rocket:

One simple way would be to create a post here in this forum on a topic that you want to expand on and you can ask a forum moderator to enable the “wiki” function on it so that anyone may edit the post like a wiki.

We are creating more documentation now though it has been slow going with all the other priorities currently clamoring for attention. Soon. :grin:

The syntax page makes it just easy enough to get by, the main issue is (or was) communication to Unreal and setting up new methods and coroutines but I’m trying to piece most of what I can on that from previous post.

If you make a “Project Helix” post in the Your Projects category, I will set it up as a wiki post so that all the members on your team can edit it to their hearts’ content with your findings and discoveries for your project.

:space_invader: :rocket:

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Awesome! Thank you so much, getting our core developers into the beta to work with the language so this will help a lot. :smile:

Hello… Where have all the videos gone? They are deleted from Vimeo?

It was decided that they were too out of date. Many of the steps are now different so people found them too confusing.

There is still one tutorial video up on Vimeo, though it’s also very out of date and uses the old Windows GUI SkookumIDE.

We are working with Epic Games to do future massive improvements and updates. Updated video tutorials will come afterwards.