Stop debugging

Is there a way to stop the debugging process in SK? Currently I have to remove all the break points and let the program resume and exit Play in UE4 to stop the debugging.
It would be great if I can exit without disable all my break points.

Another good-to-have is live expression evaluation while debugging.

Is something broken or are you looking for a new workflow? Disable all breakpoints should toggle all breakpoints off at which point you should be able to resume.

Do you have an example of a debug workflow from another app that you are looking for? Right now, :sk: works the same as the VS debugger in terms of workflow.

Basically the work flow is:

  1. Something is wrong and put a break point at one/multiple lines and start debugging.
  2. Then I found what’s wrong with a line and I fixed it.
  3. Next I need to stop the current session, recompile the code and restart the game.
  4. finally I want to stop at the same line to verify if it works as expected.

Currently it seems the only way to do step 3, stop debugging, is to disable all the breakpoints and exit Play in UE4 editor. If I don’t resume in SK, the UE4 editor is not responsive.
It would be great if we can exit the debugging in SK (possibly stop the Play in UE4 editor as well).
This would reduce the debugging overhead.

Ok, I understand. Yeah this makes sense and it would be very helpful. I added a feature request to track it.