Tab management options

A number of suggestions to do with the editor window’s tabs
This may sound like too many things just for tabs

  1. Group tabs by class
    This would organize the tabs to put those belonging to the same class next to each other
    It could also add partitions between the groups of tabs

  2. Reopen closed tabs
    This would allow the user to open a tab that was previously closed, helpful to undo an accidental closing

  3. Tab colors
    The ability to give tabs colors, this could be paired with a way to select multiple tabs by their classes in order to quickly assign colors to multiple tabs

  4. Closing options
    Close all to the left, Close all to the right, Close all but this
    Would be accessed by right-clicking a tab

  5. Sort tabs alphabetically
    Arrange tabs from A-Z or Z-A

  6. Shrink tabs
    Shrinks the tab down to a smaller size

  7. Pin tabs
    Shrinks the tab and keeps it in a seperately partitioned area reserved for pinned tabs
    Pinned tabs ignore all closing options (as mentioned above) but can still be closed directly

  8. Tab multi-selections
    The ability to Shift-select mutiple tabs in order to move them simultaneously, would not change which tab is visible in the editor window while selections are being made

  9. Tab panels
    The ability to have multiple sets of tabs that can be switched between via rename-able buttons
    A button could be added to automatically create panels for each individual class that has an open tab.
    E,g, if there are tabs for methods found in the Integer and Real classes; two panels, one named Real, one named Integer would be created and automatically hold all tabs for their classes.

  10. Ctrl + number hotkey
    A quick way to select tabs via hotkey
    Ctrl + Shift + number could be used for tab panels
    Also, custom hotkeys for tabs to quickly switch between them

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Some good ideas here.

Some would be tricky since they would need functionality not available in the Slate UI API.

#3 Tab colors - we plan to color code classes and routines by the overlay they belong to.

#7 Pin tabs - this can already be done to a certain degree. See Interacting with the Member list.

Much of these also sound related to the concept of bookmarks.