That offer to show new contributors the ropes still valid?

Hey there,

My wife and I are both looking for an open source effort to contribute to, and looking into using Unreal more. This seems like a great gateway to both.

I read a ways back in the forum that @error454 had offered to show the ropes to new and willing contributors.

We haven’t worked a ton in C++ specifically, but have worked with a variety of languages, at various distances from the metal, per se. So we are good on the fundamentals, but could use an overview of the code base, the current high priority targets, challenges, the gotchas, etc… And perhaps tolerance for the occasional question about the unique/vague parts of C++, relative to other languages.
(I think I’ve heard C++ be described as “7 languages in 1” before, which has always steered me away from a deep dive, without a specific need driving it.)

Anyhow, if this project is still alive, and in need of additional hands for development and/or automation (testing, packaging, whatever…), we’d be happy to see how we can assist.

Let us know!

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:wave: This offer still stands, I’m happy to share my knowledge and would be especially motivated with willing contributors.

Well, if you’re looking to dip your toe into C++, Unreal Engine 4 is a great place to start because they’ve taken a lot of the pain out of memory management. It’s quite a pleasure to program in as far as C++ goes.

SkookumScript’s codebase is complex, like a fine wine :wine_glass::cheese: :slight_smile:. It has complex areas and it has straightforward areas. According to github, it is 99.6% C++. Most of that is vanilla C++, not the managed UE4 version.

Yes, this is the debate :thinking:. I’ve been a poor steward of this project for the last few years unfortunately. I’ve been going at it alone for a few years now and what I’ve made time for is keeping :sk: working in my paying day job. Sorry in advance, I do tend to ramble.

For the last 3 years I’ve shipped weekly production builds with :sk: at the core of the product running across 3 platforms (Windows, Linux, Android) and 4 VR headsets. That’s supporting engine upgrades from 4.24 - 4.27 and I’ll make the move to 5.0 this year once the engine has OpenXR support that’s not a train wreck.

I’ve heard great things about AngelScript, one of my colleagues is really quite enamored with it. IMO one of the best aspects of AngelScript is that they dogfood it so heavily in their own products. That said, there still is nothing like :sk: out there. For me, the ability to send arbitrary script from my PC in real time to a running game on my PC/phone/console/VR headset is now non-negotiable. It’s revolutionary, indispensable and essential when working with VR (since epic doesn’t dogfood their VR).

For a few years there I got stumped because Epic wouldn’t take my engine patch that allowed :sk: to run without crashing in shipping builds. I’ve come to understand that the patch is unnecessary and that the reason the problem existed in the first place was because :sk: was too powerful :muscle:.

This is probably the biggest gotcha with :sk: since it exposes so much of the engine’s C++, it allows you to call functions in C++ that maybe you shouldn’t be calling until after certain engine lifecycle events… or maybe shouldn’t be calling at all, ever. I understand what some of these are now and can imagine a “no abuse” mode that :sk: could run in to mitigate the most obvious of these issues - at least the ones that were preventing me from shipping without a radical engine patch those first few months.

So, that’s the long answer to the question of whether it is alive. Sure, it’s alive, but it’s not thriving.

This project could use all of the above. If there’s an interest, I’d be happy to schedule a call and feel things out with you.

That sounds great, excited to learn more! We’d love to sync up on a call, and talk through it.

What’s the best way to arrange that, for you?

Check your pm.

Sounds awesome @chaseAC! Happy to hear your interest in SkookumScript.

Feel free to include me as well. I’d love to help out with SkookumScript - I still have endless ideas for it. Over the last few years I haven’t been able to contribute anywhere near as much as I would have liked. My time has been pretty much evenly divided between work with Epic and my family with a son on the autism spectrum.

If you could resurrect SkookumScript with its bindings to Unreal - I can do what I can on the Epic side. Likewise I hope to make the differences between it and the Verse language smaller so that it will be easier to bridge between them. :madsci:

I have some time off this summer starting in the last week of July. Assume that I can be around for some support and eventually more substantial contributions.

Thanks @error454 for keeping the flame lit.


We’ll keep you in the loop Conan! Let’s do this! We’ll make it a :sk: summer!

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Very excited to see what we can all do together with the project. We’re the types of weirdos that get excited about building tools. But it seems like we’ll be in good company, in that regard.

And that all times out great for us, we have a family trip to Colorado in early July (6th through the 12th), but nothing significant after that, outside of my day job. So we should be available. :+1:

I cannot wait for you to be able to tell us the tradeoffs that were made with Verse versus Skookum. I want to know the pros and cons of each language.

If you can tell us, what kind of ideas do you have cooking for Skookum?

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