The Hum: Alien Invasion

Hey there, I’m new here.

Just wanted to say hi and to share that I’ve started using SkookumScript on my project called The Hum (an Alien Invasion game). There are some links online since it had some decent press but it was paused for a while… but now I’m working again on it :smiley:

Some links of OLD stuff:

I’m doing it with c++ mainly (and some bps of course) but I just stumbled upon with SkSc a few weeks ago and found it great so far, it’s amazing!

I hope this tool gets more known among smaller teams and more popular so we can see more content and tutorials online.

Cheers guys, keep up the great job


Looks great! Very suspenseful.

Made me think of a thriller version of The Long Dark set in a city with aliens.

I hope that SkookumScript will help get things back in gear and accelerate your development.

Keep us posted on your progress!

Hey, thanks!

You know, it’s funny because when someone ask me what’s the gameplay of the game, I answer something like “kinda The Long Dark but with aliens and a few other things”.

Thanks for receiving me, I’ll be around for sure :slight_smile:

Cool stuff. I’ll be super interested to hear how you are using :sk: in this project.