:sk: The State of SkookumScript - Summer 2019

What’s Going On with :sk:?!?

:wave: Hey folks! Happy 4th to everyone in the states :fireworks:

It has been quiet around here since the acquisition of :sk: by Epic. As I had hoped, Epic agreed to licensing SkookumScript under the same source-available license as Unreal Engine! :sunny: I’ve taken it upon myself to step up as the unofficial maintainer of SkookumScript going forward.

What’s in it for me you might ask? Hmm :thinking: Apart from some hard nights where I cry softly into my pillow as visions of struct tSkRawDataInfo bit-shift through my head, I’m in it to win it. My passion is making video games. The company I own and operate does full time :ue4: contract work to pay the bills while maintaining the dream of finishing our own :ue4: passion projects. I work and play in this ecosystem.

I think :ue4: is the best game engine in the world and I think that :sk: is the best game scripting language in the world. I want to keep making games using both of them, so my motivation stems both from business and personal. That’s why I’m here contributing this effort to the community and that’s what will keep me here.

For the last 2 months I’ve been making a best effort to keep :sk: going into the future. This means buckling down after my day job and spending a good few hours stepping through a debugger to solve various bugs in the :sk: runtime. All with the goal of stabilizing my own project that’s running on latest :ue4: with :sk:.

Summer is Here

I’m very proud to announce that after the long dark night and lots of hard work, the first official version of SkookumScript community edition is :boom: now available :boom:

The official entry point for the project is the SkookumScript-Plugin Github Page. There you will find the Releases section where you can download packaged binary versions for each release. Alternatively, you can grab the branch corresponding to the :ue4: version, 4.22 in this case. If you are building from source, you can now grab the binary release and copy the SkookumIDE folder into your source tree instead of building the IDE from scratch.

My goal is to get the official builds on the :ue4: marketplace eventually but am pending figuring out if I can use the existing :sk: account.

What’s New in version 4.22.3

This release mostly consists of fixes in the runtime and some minor build and packaging work. There were 2 major bugs resolved:

  • :bug: An “instance offset out of range” crash for BP’s that had subclass’d a parent that constructed an :sk: instance. For example if BP_BaseProbe had some :sk: functions/variables and then was subclassed to BP_ProbeType1 then you might have seen this error when spawning or compiling the BP_ProbeType1 blueprint.
  • :bug: Variable corruption when the total size of all UPROPERTYs in a class exceeded 10-bits. This could have wide-ranging effects from reading a Boolean and getting the wrong value back, to trying to set struct data and causing a memory exception. The issue was more likely to effect Lists but was not limited to them.

The Skookum Invaders project has also been refreshed for 4.22.3. This will also eventually exist on the :ue4: market as a free sample project. Find the link below.

What’s Next?

Keep the pace with official :ue4: releases. Keep improving incrementally.

I can confidently say that this release of SkookumScript is the best and most stable release yet. Never has there been a better time to jump into the language.

That’s not to say it’s bug free though, and that’s where I need your help. I’m only testing regularly across 2 projects and that is simply not a great sample set.

How to get involved

If you haven’t yet, check out the SkookumScript Plugin github repository, this is the entry point for all things SkookumScript. The github Issue Tracker is used to track bugs and features across the entire ecosystem (Plugin + IDE). There are many ways that you can contribute to the future of :sk::

  • Filing bugs in the issue tracker
  • Filing feature requests in the issue tracker
  • Helping keep documentation updated
  • Resolving bugs (not all bugs require coding)
  • And of course writing code

Master list of resources

Here is the master list of all available SkookumScript resources:

SkookumScript Plugin Code - https://github.com/SkookumScript/SkookumScript-Plugin
SkookumScript Plugin Releases - https://github.com/SkookumScript/SkookumScript-Plugin/releases
SkookumIDE Code - https://github.com/error454/unrealengine
Skookum Invaders Demo Code - https://github.com/error454/SkInvaders


Thanks for posting information about the state of :sk:. It definitively gives me confidence that i can continue using :sk: until the new language, hopefully, comes out. And thanks for maintaining :sk:!

Hoping that releasing :sk: in the Marketplace is also possible, that would make things easier.


@error454, man, you (and all the guys from :sk: team ) are totally cool and awesome!
God bless you guys! You’re creating the future of the industry!


This is amazing news! Going to test out the new version now, and the Invaders demo.