Thoughts on the Acquisition & Future of Sk

Hey folks, I took some time to reminisce and organize my thoughts on the acquisition. Just so it’s clear, I started out as an :sk: fan, did some brief :sk: support contract work leading up to the acquisition but didn’t go over to Epic with the acquisition. So I’m back to #1 fan now, just for context.


This is a stupendous and heartfelt article Zach.

You are awesome beyond words. :madsci:

SkookumScript is my brain baby so this means a lot to me. It gets me “right in the feels”. :blush:

You are an amazing team member and SkookumScript ambassador.

Thanks for all that you’ve done and for the impact you’re sure to have in the future.


Hey error454, good stuff. You should hop in discord sometime so we can have another random chant about random things :wink:

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Definitely appreciate the article.
The whole thing about continuing with SK is that it premises on getting that permission to continue.

I would like to point out 1 thing in your article that was very important:

“Back in 2014, we decided to switch game engines to Unreal Engine 4. Due to various happenings with the previous engine we were using, I made the decision that going forward I would never use another engine for which I did not have the full source code.”

YES! Exactly… and that is why I kept trying to get the full source for SK.
I too also had an issue with a prior engine deprecating their full source, essentially ending support on licenses.

In all honesty I am really proud of the AGOG guys for the accomplishment.
Unfortunately, I have to reconcile with what has happened and deal.

I really don’t know what Epic will say about letting SK continue.

Questions like: Do you have to have a license to be the recipient of code updates?
Do you have to have a license to receive ALL of the the source.
IF you do, then without a doubt, SK will fade in the distance because there’s no way to obtain new licenses as far as I am hearing.

Also, it is a tremendous burden to take on the updating of the SK code base. There’s also the question of what Epic will come out with now that they purchased SK.

A lot of these questions are up in the air until Epic provides some answers.

Additionally, typically, forums and website stuff etc… go BYE BYE once a company decides to “deprecate” their entire product line.

What will happen to the SK docs?

So many unknowns.
Again, I do want to congratulate the AGOG guys on the acquisition.
I hope something amazing comes out of this.

error454, great photo at the end of the article. The milky way disc, the composition, the scales. And of course, great initiative. :+1:


The future of SkookumScript will proceed essentially as @error454 hoped: