UE 4.26 forks?

I read somewhere recently that some individuals have SK working in 4.26. Does anyone know if this is true? If yes, are they sharing?

Ben, I am using :sk: in a shipping product using 4.26 (just updating to 4.27). Looking through my code, the only differences between 4.25 and 4.26 are:

  • Skipping some additional niagara modules in 4.26 in the SkookumScript.ini
  • A few case-errors that cause linux compiles to fail

I kind of fell off the update wagon since things are complicated by having to use a custom :ue4: engine if you plan on packaging your project.

The current get on 4.26 recipe would be to use the source engine, apply the following commit as a patch:

And use this branch of the plugin:

Thanks Zach,

Glad to see that you are still kicking around in the forum, it gives me hope :slight_smile:

Yeah I haven’t gone anywhere, I’ve been unconfident in my ability to support people using :sk: with releases that don’t include a fix for the packaging issue. Which is why I haven’t been doing any releases.

I’ve been using :sk: in production for the last few years with dedicated windows and linux servers, supporting 3 android-based VR headsets + windows clients, so I have 100% confidence that the PR submitted to Epic fixes the issue. I’ve had no uptake on accepting the PR, although I have been discussing this on UDN this week, trying to get more eyes on it.