UE4 BP dictionary support

Blueprints support key-value pairs as variables, but SK currently does not support them at all (read or write). Is their support on the roadmap? It’s important for us.

Are you talking about TMap? It is on the list. You could write some wrappers around TMap if you needed it immediately, it’s not ideal if you have a ton of TMaps but for a handful it wouldn’t be terrible as an interim solution.

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I imagine that BPs are using TMaps under the hood. I’m not sure I understand how to wrap the data structure outside of C++. Do you know what such wrappers would look like in BP, if such a question is sensible?

For clarity, here is the variable declaration from the BP editor:


I was thinking a C++ wrapper myself. You could do a BP wrapper but its use could be cumbersome.

Value and Found passed by reference, Name passed as string.


!val : 0
!found? : false
find_map_value("SomeName", val, found?)