UEFN announcement

Today (14.12.2022) 51 minutes ago the Fortnite creative Twitter page just posted about the announcement of UEFN happening tomorrow in the Unreal Engine YouTube channel.


For the lazy here is the link


It’s about the time of the year.
It’s also known as the winding-down event.
Lucky for them, they can close the door early for the year. ^^
Anyway, I’ll be keen on watching the event.

Oh, BTW, I don’t see SPJ on the participant list. Hopefully, we get different perspectives this time. But I don’t see the Mad Scientists on the list either. Are they still alive and kicking??

we should make a discord server for the skookum community that way we can chat in real-time about verse

What a waste of time, staying up late/early for the event.
Wait after wait and disappointment after disappointment the past 4 years.
I always felt like a third-class citizen by Epic and the event was just another reminder.

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They had technical issues that inhibited them from showcasing Verse and UEFN, it was apparently working the day before but it broke for a live demo. That kinda stuff happens all the time, however, they should have had a stable build snapshotted for the demo… oh well.

Do they really have to showcase it live? atleast show some prerecorded footage or screenshots

It seems it will take a while before it comes to Unreal 5. We’ll surely have time to play with it… in the Fortnite Editor (which is technically UE5 so I wonder if we can just hack it into vanilla UE5).

That’s what I’m hoping for. I’ll download and play with the UEFN if it means I get to play with Verse.

Perhaps we can ‘yank it out’ of UEFN into regular UE ‘unofficially’ or something. That’d be awesome.
Unless you can release standalone exe experiences with UEFN or something and not strictly constrained to FN mods, then I wouldn’t bother.

I just woke up from a dream that I can toggle between the Blueprint (the new visual scripting language) and Verse.
Perhaps that’s the reason why they are working on the new visual scripting language???
It will be the perfect solution for both BP and Programmers.

(random words to make this post work, ignore these words)
That is the way I have seen other newer visual languages go, hopefully, you had a premonition =)

It’s really funny that I dreamed about it. Been waiting for more than 4 years… so… ^^

Looks like the earliest we will see UEFN (and thus hands on Verse) is likely March timeframe


I know they said earlier that it’ll likely be about 6-12 months between UEFN having verse before regular UE having verse.

Sadly no Verse for us regular UE folks this year.

cries softly into a pillow

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Yep - in about a week.

There are about 400 people working on it. This stuff can be tricky.