Unreal Engine 5: SK or Verse?

Will SK get an update to work with UE5? Is such an update irrelevant since Verse is in the works? Thanks to all who answer that are in the know =)

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Yeah, it would nice to keep SK live regardless. I still enjoy using it. ^^

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We’ll look into an update of Sk for recent versions of UE4 and the early release of UE5. There are still big studios using or looking into using SkookumScript - for both UE4 and UE5.

We may also be able to extend / rework Sk a bit so that it will be easier to convert it to future tech that we are working on here at Epic


Sounds good!

Wow, are you serious? Will SK code somehow carried over to Verse? It doesn’t need to be perfect in all cases but it will be a great help.
I really didn’t expect you guys actually going to look into SK further for UE5. I’m really excited that the legacy will continue. Cheers!