Use class names as a filter when searching for members

If you wanted to find members for a specific class you could type a # before the class name e.g. #String, when multiple are used; the search results are partitioned into sections labelled with each of the given classes, or given their own tabs

Edit: Just using a # without a Class name would filter only for the currently selected class, like an implicit ‘this’

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If you have a class selected in the Class widget it will list matches in that class first. More info can be found in the “Search Members” box section of the Members Widget page in the online docs.

We used to allow putting in a class name followed by a dot or at symbol in the old version of the SkookumIDE - perhaps we could extend the Slate version of the IDE similarly. See the “Symbolic Searching (Goto)” in the following post to see how it worked in the old SkookumIDE.