Using SkookumScript with different engines

Though much conversation and use of SkookumScript revolves around Unreal Engine 4, SkookumScript can be integrated into other game engines and technologies as well.

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I am completely new to both SK and game engine scripting. I have successfully setup SK in my UE4.8 preview 3 project and it works fine, but was disappointed the UE4 lighting compiling caused an error report I sent through to the UE4 team.
My post here is about the use of SK with other engine environments such as Ogre3D and even the Ogre based NeoAxis Engine environment.
Q. Is it possible to setup SK for use with Ogre3d and or NeoAxis ? Or is it the case that SK not yet usable with those products.

Thanks in advance for any replies :smile:

Hi zippknott - yes it is absolutely possible to use SkookumScript with any engine that comes with C++ source if you are a reasonably experienced C++ engineer. The SkookumScript and AgogCore libraries as well as the SkookumIDE contained in the UE4 plugin release are not Unreal Engine specific and can be transplanted into any other engine. Just use the Unreal Engine integration as an example and you should be good to go. There are a few caveats though:

  1. Engine bindings: While our Unreal Engine Plugin comes with thousands of existing engine bindings (engine functions you can invoke from SkookumScript), there is no such integration (yet) for Ogre3D. So before you could really harness the power of SkookumScript with Ogre3D, you would have to create a library of C++ engine bindings yourself. Depending on what exactly you want to do in Ogre3D, you might get away with a few dozen bindings, but a full engine integration of SkookumScript would probably have a binding count at least in the hundreds. Of course, if SkookumScript turns out to be more widely used with Ogre3D, other Ogre3D users might help you with that and we would definitely support the Ogre3D community with advice.
  2. Platform support: SkookumScript in its standard (free) edition comes currently only with binary libraries for Windows x64. We plan on extending platform support of our standard version to Mac, Linux and mobile platforms as well though.
  3. Copyleft source code licenses (GPL etc.): We do not currently allow SkookumScript to be used in projects with copylefted source code (e.g. GNU GPL) as our source license is not compatible with such licenses. Ogre3D is MIT licensed though so there is no problem with using SkookumScript in Ogre3D.

Having said that we believe that the Unreal Engine is vastly superior to Ogre3D and/or NeoAxis, and from a technical standpoint would strongly recommend using Unreal over both. If of course for philosophical reasons you prefer to work with a completely open, community supported engine, or you object to Epic Games’ royalty requirements, that can of course be your choice.

Let us know if you have any further questions and we’ll be happy to answer them!

Is there plan to open source SkookumScript library like AgogCore? So user can port SkookumScript to other platforms without wait for official support

Hi Nate -

[Note: this should technically be a new topic under “C++ binding, Embedding & Runtime”]

We are in fact considering open-sourcing the SkookumScript runtime library but have not yet decided to do so. For now, if there is a particular platform you’d like to try running SkookumScript on, let us know and we can most probably build you a library for it. Is there a particular platform you have in mind?

Sorry about posting on wrong category.

I’m glad that you guys are considering open source SkookumScript runtime. Personally I’ll be happy to give SkookumScript a try on mobile platform (iOS or android) .

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Sounds great. What is your timeframe on that? How soon would you need the binaries?

I think I’ll start converting some existing demos from Blueprint to SkookumScript as learning project. There’s no specific timeline, so take your time.

Btw, is there roadmap regarding platform support?

We plan on playing platform support by ear - when there’s demand for a particular platform we’ll look into it. SkookumScript has been used on a number of platforms in the past already including several game consoles so we are confident the code will be straighforward to port.

Thanks for the detailed reply Greatguru. I’m sorry for posting this question in the wrong category.
Could you please move my post to the correct category.

I believe that Skookum is capable for multi-platforms, but the problem with any close-sourced 3rd party middle ware is that you always have to wait for official platform port and bug fixes which is not always pleasant. One great feature of UE4 is that you always got all sources, even that means you don’t get those fancy 3rd party integration builtin.

Just noticed there’s new Platform category now, probably we should continue the discussion there.