Using this language is such a joy!

Previously i was using this language mostly for the console REPL and for making functional tests in my job (they didn’t like the idea of using a third party language for the project). But i started using :sk: for gameplay scripting and what a joy!

The ability to inject methods in engine classes, which helps a lot for decoupling the code and prevents me from creating countless of interfaces just to achieve that (when not necessarily needed)… And it generates a project agnostic game library in the process!

The built in coroutines that make complicated code look so clean and readable.

The component support that allow me to add behavior to the actors in the world, when i don’t necessarily need to create a blueprint for them since it’s a very specific behavior (and having these components in a different overlay so it doesn’t “contaminate” my project agnostic code :grinning:).

And much more. I hope that whatever is being cooked in Epic, it doesn’t move further away from :sk: . Hopefully the new language will have access to every public method and variable from the engine, and will be able to interop with other languages, so we won’t need to use C++ in most of the cases.

Because i seriously hate my life when in code in Unreal C++, the iteration times are slow and when i need to debug my code i end up restarting the editor, re-generating projects, etc. because of how broken the system is.


I know exactly how you feel. I tried doing a hot-compile in 4.24 the other day, insta-crash :sob:. I don’t know what Epic is cooking up but I’m very thankful that they allowed :sk: to be community maintained in the meantime.


Glad you decided to wade into deeper waters :+1:. I too hope that we end up with “skookumscript: return of the mad scientists” instead of c+±

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