Verse is coming in UEFN - announcing at GDC

Verse is integrated with the Unreal Editor for Fortnite (UEFN).

It will be announced at GDC 2023.

If anyone is attending GDC - I’ll be there demoing Verse and UEFN in the Epic Games booth. There will be 350 or so Epic staff at the conference.

I coined the name “Verse” and wrote a good chunk of it particularly its concurrency features - which bear a striking resemblance to SkookumScript concurrency. It’s a Beta release of Verse / UEFN and there is still a lot more to do though there has been a lot of awesomeness cooking for the last few years.

More soon…


It’s looking great. Congrats on the (pre) release!
I hope we can use it in vanilla Unreal soon. I’ll be playing with it in UEFN for the time being.

Also, did features like this made it to Verse? It was really useful in :sk:. I saw keywords like race and sync in Verse, but not any coroutines generated from events.

            @pawn_sensing._on_see_pawn_do //this
                @last_pawn_seen := pawn

I like the name BTW :grin:.