Verse talk in State of Unreal GDC 2023

Looks like Verse will get at least a 1 hour talk in this upcoming GDC on March 22 @ 3:30PM PDT

It seems that UEFN won’t support Blueprints based on the info i’ve gather on twitter (from what appear to be early access UEFN users). I wonder how much of the editor was stripped in UEFN if this is the case. And I pressume that if Verse is not being designed in any way to work with Blueprints, I guess we’ll need to wait until the Blueprint replacement is finished before having a chance to use Verse in vanilla Unreal :frowning_face:. In a positive note, It’s finally happening!

I’ll be very happy that BP will not be available as part of the initial launch…
If so, the following is the likely scenario.

  • The new Visual Scripting Language is not ready thus they are going to make Verse available first.
  • BP will be replaced with a new Visual Scripting Language that both Verse and the new Visual Scripting built on top. This is the reason why they can’t make BP available.
  • It is very possible that we can toggle between Verse and the new Visual Scripting Language. It will definitely make both programmer and the rest very happy on their own turf. This is what I dreamed, literally.

If the above is true, there still one question is remaining. We need some ways to create an instance of a Verse class and set default values. Perhaps BP-like stuff without scripting capability??

4 years of the wait in the void is finally coming to an end. It better be good. ^^

That’d be truly amazing if that is true. There is a lot of really cool possibilities with that kind of functionality.

Hopefully, a system like that has better support for text diffs of different commits and stuff too.

Original Post: “Dang, I missed it, is there a recording somewhere?”

For some reason, I thought with the way you guys were talking that the event had already occurred lol.
Can’t wait to hear the talks!