Was main website made using any particular technologies?

I am referring to the https://skookumscript.com/ website.

I am always interested in the ways in which people make various websites. Especially when so many use common things like wordpress or other obvious CMS engines. I love it when people make websites NOT using them.

Aside from a small possibility that highlighter-rouge (Ruby powered highlighter) was used for highlighting. I can’t find any ‘fingerprints’ of any CMS or other technologies on the main website.

Possibly Jekyll 3? Since I know that comes with highlighter-rouge?

Was it just written in pure vanilla HTML or what technologies/workflows were used to make it?

Some of it does look like it could have been written in possibly original straight raw html, but was just curious if anyone could shed light on it?



I think it is being powered/leveraging jekyllrb
Most excellent! I like it!

edit 2:
derp, it is here. And confirmed it is jekyll and github